More About that Guy You Asked About
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There are always a handful of guys in a given year we get asked about regularly. "What's up with this guy?", "Why do you have him ranked so high/low?", etc. This episode, we focused on a few of those guys, like Ceddanne Rafaela, Nick Yorke, Blaze Jordan and Chase Meidroth. Plus, another round of promotions led by Roman Anthony, and as always, your emails! Got something to say? We love talking about what you want to hear about. Make sure to email us at [email protected]. Social Media Links: IG: @SoxProspects @SPChrisHatfield @IanCundall @SoxProspects Love the show? Want to help us out while also getting exclusive goodies? Support the podcast by contributing to us on Patreon!  
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So it turns out the Rule 5 protection and non-tender deadlines led to a somewhat eventful week! First, the Red Sox turned some heads by declining to add Shane Drohan to the 40-man roster on Tuesday. Then, they swung a minor trade with Seattle on Friday in addition to non-tendering Wyatt Mills....
Published 11/19/23
Welcome to SoxProspects Shorts, Episode 1! We'll explain what it means further on the episode, but as for the matter at hand, Tuesday at 6pm is the deadline to protect players from selection in the Rule 5 Draft by adding them to the 40-man roster, so Chris and Ian hopped on to give their thoughts...
Published 11/14/23