Uncharted Territory: From Deep Oceans to Deep Space
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Thanks to powerful new technologies––and the good old inborn drive to explore––human beings are now investigating places once assumed to be inaccessible. We hear from an oceanographer pushing the limits of technology to explore bizarre “lakes” in the deepest recesses of our oceans; a planetary geologist using images from orbiting spacecraft to explore processes shaping the surfaces of planets, such as dunes migrating across the surface of Mars; and an astrophysicist trying to solve the mystery of the solar wind by building a probe that will fly right into the blazing atmosphere of our sun. Speakers: David Gallo, Maria Banks, Justin Kasper, Paula Apsell
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Fleeing her homeland of Iran after the Islamic Revolution, Anousheh Ansari settled in Texas and built a highly successful technology firm whose net worth ultimately allowed her to achieve her childhood dream of spaceflight. Through her sponsorship of the X Prize, she fueled the movement of...
Published 10/17/13
Veteran Space Shuttle Commander Jeff Ashby relates his personal observations of daily life and human behavior in the environment of the International Space Station. Rather than giving a technical talk, Captain Ashby talks about the human space experience, including observations on how humans...
Published 10/17/13
Published 10/17/13