How To Build A Sex Room On Any Budget
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The Netflix series How To Build A Sex Room has a lot of us asking questions about how we can create a more conducive space for our sex life, yet few of us have the time, budget and square footage for a dedicated sex room. But we ALL can cultivate our erotic context with small acts of expression and agency – and on this episode we share how to create space for your erotic expression and exploration, on any budget. Get discounts on pleasure tools and toys from all of our podcast sponsors here Find the music that makes you feel sexy and playful. Check out Kenzi.Audio for the music that gets Chris moving, and try building your own sex playlists to create for soundtrack your best sex life. Here is one of Chris’ favorite Kenzi playlists on Spotify to get you started! Explore the erotic watercolor art from our own Charlotte Mia Rose and consider how you can use art on your walls to quickly change the mood and feel of your space. Thanks to our episode sponsors for being part of our global team of Pleasure Partners: *  Explore an audio library of immersive audio erotica with a 30 day free trial at DipseaStories* Check out the high quality silicone lubricant from and use the code PLEASURE for 10% off and Free Shipping Use promo code PLEASURE at check out for 10% off and free shipping* Get discounts on pleasure tools and toys from all of our podcast sponsors here Continue The Conversation With These Speaking of Sex Episodes * Overcoming Distraction For Better Sex* The Dual Control Model of Arousal* Manage Your Turn Ons and Turn Offs
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