Preventing Premature Penetration
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Penetration of all kinds can be an intimate and orgasmic part of the erotic experience – but only if everyone involved is ripe and ready for this physical, emotional and relational event. Far too often, lovers rush towards penetration and end up under-stimulated and unsatisfied. In this episode, we explore how to prioritize readiness when it comes to penetration to make it as pleasurable as possible for everyone involved. Get discounts on pleasure tools and toys from all of our podcast sponsors here Ready to master the art of erotic touch and lavish your lover with pleasure? Click here to enroll in Erotic Touch Mastery, our two bestselling courses in one bundle! Thanks to our episode sponsors for being part of our global team of Pleasure Partners: * Check out the high quality silicone lubricant from and use the code PLEASURE for 10% off and Free Shipping Use promo code PLEASURE at check out for 10% off and free shipping Continue The Conversation With These Speaking of Sex Episodes * Playing Without Penetration : Fulfilling Sexuality Beyond Intercourse* Playing With Penetration Part 1: Graceful Penetration* A Whole New Approach To Anal Play* Reclaiming Soft Penis Pleasures
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