SOTB4: Tongue Thrust Therapy with Laura Powell
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Speech therapists Carrie Clark and Laura Powell brainstorm ideas for helping a child eliminate sucking habits and remediating speech errors that result from tongue thrust. Links from Today's Episode: Contact:  Laura Powell at [email protected] Ask a Question: Join the Membership Site:  Join the Membership Site for more Speech Therapy Help and Training The post SOTB4: Tongue Thrust Therapy with Laura Powell appeared first on Speech And Language Kids.
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In this episode of the Speech and Language Kids Podcast, speech-language pathologist Carrie Clark discusses how to help children remember past events and tell you about them later. Click Here to Subscribe to My Mailing List Notes: 1. Remembering a Single Picture Show them a picture and then...
Published 12/28/16
Today I am joined by speech-language pathologist Maureen Wilson from who helps me brainstorm ideas for a 5-year-old with autism who won't participate in anything unless he controls the whole thing. Links and Notes: The Speech Bubble SLP:
Published 03/09/16