Smells Like Teen Pop Part 1: 90’s Pop—The Post-Grunge Comeback
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The inside story behind Pop's resurgence in the mid 1990s from the power players who orchestrated it- including the iconic voice behind MMMBop, Taylor Hanson of Hanson. Steve's also joined by music mavens Danny Goldberg, Tom Poleman, Phil Quartararo, Karen Glauber and Johnny Wright. It's an absolutely legendary listen! Learn more about your ad-choices at
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On the final episode of Season One, Steve finishes up the TRL Era of the late 90s, complete with the strategies and romances that drove the acts that topped the charts. Steve's joined by music mavens Taylor Hanson, Danny Goldberg, Tom Poleman, Phil Quartararo, Karen Glauber, Lee Leipsner and...
Published 10/13/20
Published 10/13/20
Dive into the frighteningly wild backstory behind Bobby Pickett's iconic novelty song "Monster Mash"- which hit the top of the charts not once, but twice, more than ten years apart. Steve's also joined by The Munster's iconic wolfboy, Butch Patrick, for some personal insight into the scene that...
Published 09/29/20