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Hi Spencer & Vogue listener! We’ve got a brand new podcast to tell you about that we think you’ll enjoy. At Your Leisure is a brand-new series hosted by comedian Sue Perkins which is all about our hobbies, pastimes & passions; the things we do that make us tick, make us who we are and influence how we spend our time. Some have developed into remarkable careers, some started in childhood, others are newly discovered passions. More than a few have turned into side hustles, whilst some are very surprising indeed! Across series Sue speaks to Chef, Author and Great British Bake Off winner Nadiya Hussain, Comedian John Robins, Bond Stunt Driver Jessica Hawkins, Rapper, MC and TV Chef Big Zuu, Race car driver Billy Monger, Stand-up Comedian Maisie Adam and many more. Here’s a sneak peak and if you like what you hear, go to Global Player, or wherever you get your podcasts and search for At Your Leisure with Sue Perkins
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Published 08/09/22
Published 08/09/22
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