Spit Hits: Naked In Macy’s & The Best Road Trip Snacks - Comedy Podcast
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Spit Hit for August 12, 2021: Today in the ‘Situation Room’, Mike finds himself naked in the middle of Macy’s. The fellas also plan a lucrative art museum heist and in the middle of it, we take a break to find out everything Jason knows about France in 60 seconds. Plus - Would you rather only understand half of what your spouse says, or half of what your children say? We put the lid on the show with a draft of the best snacks for a long road trip. Hop in and come along for a ride with The Spitballers Podcast! Connect with the Spitballers Comedy Podcast: Become an Official Spitwad: SpitballersPod.com Follow us on Twitter: Twitter.com/SpitballersPod Follow us on IG: Instagram.com/SpitballersPod Subscribe on YouTube: YouTube.com/Spitballers
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