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Spit Hit for August 19, 2021: On today’s show, one of the Spitballers decides to throw his hat in the presidential race. Can you guess which one? Also, does a Rubix cube equate to a life sentence or early release? If you punch yourself and it hurts are you really strong or really weak? Would you rather be forced to perform open heart surgery on one person, or land a jet full of people? We staple up this episode with an ‘Office Supply Store Battle Royale’ draft! Subscribe and tell your friends about another funny episode of The Spitballers Comedy Podcast! Connect with the Spitballers Comedy Podcast: Become an Official Spitwad: SpitballersPod.com Follow us on Twitter: Twitter.com/SpitballersPod Follow us on IG: Instagram.com/SpitballersPod Subscribe on YouTube: YouTube.com/Spitballers
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Spit Hit for November 25th, 2021: You just finish up a #2 and look to the side and realize there is only 1 square of TP left hanging off the roll. What do you do? Mike gives us (too much) information on his personal technique. Also, find out what has Jason shouting “RUINED IT!” as he invades...
Published 11/25/21
Today we are talking about ideal bedtimes, airplane poop chutes, and playing hooky from work. Then, as we approach the holiday season, we do a battle royale draft of well known holiday mascots. Re-brand Mondays with some comedy! Subscribe and tell your friends about another funny episode of The...
Published 11/22/21
Published 11/22/21