My Lucky Horse Leg & Golf Club Alternatives - Comedy Podcast
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On this episode, we talk about why you shouldn’t leave your seat to grab a snack during certain olympic events. We also discuss the stool rule, amphibious insects, malfunctioning robots, and sewer bears. On the back 9 of this episode we have a ridiculous draft of golf club alternatives. Re-brand Mondays with some comedy! Subscribe and tell your friends about another funny episode of The Spitballers Comedy Podcast! Connect with the Spitballers Comedy Podcast: Become an Official Spitwad: Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on IG: Subscribe on YouTube:
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On this episode, we talk about finding a needle in a haystack and going on a wild goose chase. Jason also learns something new about web URLs live on the show. And then, not to bury the lead or anything, LIAR LIAR returns! Is today the day? Re-brand Mondays with some comedy! Subscribe and tell...
Published 12/06/21
Published 12/06/21
Spit Hit for December 2nd, 2021: Welcome, Spitwads, to Jason Moore's procrastination station. Why do something today that could be put off until tomorrow? Also, for some reason today's show is full of very specific, complex questions. Luckily, that is what we specialize in. Once we breeze...
Published 12/02/21