167: Pre-Barf & The Worst Things To Do While Nauseous - Comedy Podcast
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Liar, Liar is on today’s show. That is all most of you need to read to get pumped about this episode. But in case it’s not, we also discuss non-terminal velocities, speedwalking, bank robbing, and height thresholds. Then, grab a barf bag and listen in as we draft the worst things to do while nauseous. Re-brand Mondays with some comedy! Subscribe and tell your friends about another funny episode of The Spitballers Comedy Podcast! Connect with the Spitballers Comedy Podcast: Become an Official Spitwad: SpitballersPod.com Follow us on Twitter: Twitter.com/SpitballersPod Follow us on IG: Instagram.com/SpitballersPod Subscribe on YouTube: YouTube.com/Spitballers
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