#18 Performing since day 01, Anna Rose O'Sullivan has always had the passion for life on stage and you can truly see that too! What a lovely chat with such a talented & hard working person, to hear Anna's experiences and how she keeps motivated is so inspiring!SPORTIVÉaf Launch Friday 15th Jan https://www.sportiveaf.com/ https://www.instagram.com/sportiveaf/?hl=enFollow Anna's Journeyhttps://www.instagram.com/annaroseosullivan/?hl=enPlease leave any comments on our Instagram...
Published 01/09/21
#17 For anyone who wants clarity on the year ahead and get in tune with the world's energy! This year is very exciting and a time to take a risk in believing in yourself, you can do it.Hope you enjoyed, please leave feedback here: https://www.instagram.com/sportiveaf/?hl=en For more insights: https://www.samyldareads.com/ @samyldareads @sportiveaf@audstarfreeman
Published 01/01/21
#16 Goodbye 2020 & hello 2021! Join us as we reflect on our past goals and resolutions and start our new ones... this was so much fun and I hope you guys enjoy!Leave you feed back on our Insta pagehttps://www.instagram.com/sportiveaf/?hl=enKayla Mak: @KaylaMak10Audrey Freeman: @AudstarFreeman
Published 12/27/20
#15 Becoming First Soloist at 19 & now Principal at 22, Julian is constantly working on his craft and finding the mot innovative ways to keep pushing the boundaries. Listen to how he overcome self doubt while in training and what kept him believing in himself!Julian MacKay, Principal Dancer of the San Francisco Ballet, previously principal dancer of the Mikhailovsy Theatre and before that he trained at the Bolshoi Ballet in Russia since he was 11 years old. http://sportiveaf.com +...
Published 12/23/20
#14 Some of my favourite advice on Body Image! This was so much fun doing, so please let me know if you liked this style episode too! All of the guests we have had on are ALL so incredible, I cannot even begin to say how grateful I am!! Comment on our recent post & let us know your thoughts!? https://www.instagram.com/sportiveaf/?hl=en Love you all and BE YOURSELF!
Published 12/19/20
#13 Started with Balanchine, then to Paris Opera, and now the First Soloist of the Royal Ballet… Beatriz has a very interesting story to tell as well as some incredible advice from all of her experiences along the way!Beatriz-Stix Brunell is First Soloist of the Royal Ballet in London, trained at the School of American Ballet, JKO School and the Paris Opera Ballet.Leave any feed back on our Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sportiveaf/Follow Beatriz-Stix Brunell:...
Published 12/12/20
#12 Whether it's an eating disorder, dealing with weight gain, puberty, body image, morning routines and supplements... Rachel Fine has your back and can give you the best advice for this topic!Please leave your feed back on our Instagram page @SportiveAFDon't forget to follow Rachel and check out her amazing programs!Website: https://pointenutrition.comInstagram: @ToThePointeNutrition
Published 12/05/20
#11 Going through puberty and seeing your body change in front of a mirror is hard, and quite frankly something that isn't talked about enough. Learning to accept yourself as you are without self deprecating and comparing yourself is also hard but Indiana shares some AMAZING advice you need to hear!Don't forget to leave feedback on our IG and share to any friends or family who could benefit from this!Indiana Woodward: @indiana_woowardPodcast: @sportiveafHost: @audstarfreeman
Published 11/28/20
#10 Being a Soloist at one of the best companies in the world is a HUGE achievement... but it is not always easy! Indiana shares her best advice for keeping positive, how she got into the New York City Ballet and what it's like as a soloist!Part Two is UPLOADED... for Indiana's thoughts on Body Image, Performing and more!Indiana Woodward: @indiana_woodwardPodcast: @sportiveafHost: @audstarfreeman
Published 11/28/20
#09 Wanna get paid to post? Follow some of Amy's amazing advice to start collaborating with your dream brands, getting noticed by more people and creating your own community of people!Amy Kaleski, is a fashion blogger on Instagram with over 110,000 followers. She is in her third year at university, studying computer science. She recently has collaborated with huge brands like The Iconic, Farfetch, Anine Bing, Dior Beauty and the list goes on.Leave feedback on our latest IG post!Amy Kaleski:...
Published 11/21/20
#08 Body Image in the society is a very talked about subject, but in ballet it is kept quiet and not discussed as much, considering it plays a HUGE part in a dancer's life. Today Claire & I talk all about diversity and being your own person in the ballet world, overcoming injuries and how it can make you stronger and Claire's amazing journey so far! Hope you enjoy, please leave any feedback on our Instagram page!Claire Calvert: @claire123 Podcast: @sportiveafHost: @audstarfreeman
Published 11/14/20
#07 Kayla Mak & I, chat all about competitions like Youth American Grand Prix, Prix de Lausanne, World of Dance, and many more topics like cheesy quotes and having heart attacks pre-performance.Hope you enjoyed, please follow our IG for updates, and let us know your feedback & what you want us to discuss next!Guest: @KaylaMak10Podcast: @SPORTIVEafHost: @AudstarFreeman
Published 11/09/20
#06 If you're feeling down or just un-motivated in general. Take a break! This will help you re-focus your thoughts and get motivated!Hope you guys all enjoy and please leave your feedback on our IG accounts below.Podcast + Brand @SportiveafHost: @AudstarfreemanPlease share if you enjoyed!
Published 11/07/20
#05 Talking with Matt about becoming principal at the young age of 24, taking over David Halberg's position for a show of Giselle last minute, setting goals, overcoming self doubt... the list goes on! It was such a pleasure speaking with Matt. So down to earth, full of experience and and so much advice that we can all take on.Guest, Matthew Ball: @Matty_BallHost, Audrey Freeman: @AudstarFreemanPodcast: @SportiveAFMatthew Ball, Royal Ballet Principal by the age of 24yrs old, featured in many...
Published 11/05/20
#04 Being a ballerina is very hard, mentally and physically, dealing with all sorts of things... Today I discussed with Miko Fogarty about all things from self confidence to body image and what exciting things she is up to now! She is a former ballerina with the Royal Birmingham Ballet, Award winning dancer from the age of 12, starred in a critically acclaimed and award winning documentary first position, recently performed a ted talk and it doesn’t stop here because not only is she extremely...
Published 10/26/20
#03 All you need to be mentally prepared and on your game for a successful audition, competition or performance... come along with me and hear my tips, plus some funny stories from my audition experiences!CHOOSE EXCITEMENT OVER FEAR!!!Hope you guys all enjoy and please leave your feedback on our IG accounts below.Podcast + Brand @SportiveafHost: @Audstarfreeman
Published 10/19/20
#02 Katie Boren, professional dancer with American Ballet Theatre for over 5 years, danced some of the most iconic principle roles around the world, has over 150,000 followers on Instagram plus another Instagram page with 20,000 followers dedicated to her extremely successful personal training career where she offers personal training sessions to anyone aspiring to have a strong and healthy body as she is also a NASM certified personal trainer…Had the best talk with this incredible woman,...
Published 10/18/20
#01: Super excited to be starting this podcast! Wanted to start off with this topic as it is so highly requested and feel it needs to be talked about more... I only touched on these topics but would love to hear what you all have to say and what you would like to hear more of! hope you enjoyed, Auds x
Published 10/13/20
Published 10/13/20