Special Scale Model Challenge Announcement Episode, feat Robert Crombeecke
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in this Special, Tracy and Chris outline the special events the Sprue Cutters Union will be running at Scale Model Challenge, and Chris talks to show host, Robert Crombeecke to get the latest on the best celebration of the art of modelling in the modelling callendar Please support our sponsors https://anyz.io http://tetramodel.com https://scalemodeller.com.au https://insidethearmour.com https://www.hypersonicmodels.com/ Check out all the great modelling podcasts at http://Modelpodcasts.com Please do check out Chris's other podcast at https://modelsfromukraine.buzzsprout.com/ Support the show
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Published 11/23/23
In this episode, Chris, Will and Tracy discuss what's on their benches, including Will's dirty cans, Tracy's changing plans, and Chris's A-20. They also discuss the recent YouTube video that pissed off the world, and present a set of recordings from Scale Model Challenge to round off their...
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