"Hitler’s Trojan Horse” – Nazi Intelligence with Nigel West
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Summary Nigel West (Wikipedia) joins Andrew (Twitter; LinkedIn) to discuss Germany’s military intelligence service during WWII, the Abwehr. Nigel is known as the expert’s expert on spy history. What You’ll Learn Intelligence The rise and fall of the Abwehr  The 20th of July plot to kill Hitler & Operation Valkyrie  How effective German intelligence was during WWII  How “Nazi” the Abwehr was Reflections The search for truth across generations The power of historical documents EXTENDED SHOW NOTES HERE! Quote of the Week “The Germans were ruthless. They had really good intelligence on all the bridges. They knew exactly what had to be captured in advance. The bridges would then be held, so as to allow the tanks over, and the tanks wouldn't wait to attack strong points. They would just go directly ahead in order to achieve their objectives.” – Nigel West. Glossary Abwehr: Germany’s military intelligence service from 1920-1945, serving both the Riechswehr and Wehrmacht. Translates to “defense.” Reichswehr: The name for German armed forces from 1919-1935, under the Weimar Republic and first two years of the Third Reich. Per the Treaty of Versailles, the Reichswehr was very limited in arms and personnel. Translates to “Reich Defence.”  Wehrmacht: The name for German Armed Forces from 1935-1945 under Nazi Germany. The heavily militarized and manned Wehrmacht illustrated Hitler’s intentions to expand Germany. Translates to “Defense Force.”  Sicherheitsdienst: The intelligence agency of the Schutzstaffel, or SS. Translates to “Security Service.” Gestapo: Nazi Germany’s political police force. Notorious for their brutality and representation of Nazi authoritarianism. Full name Geheime Staatspolizei, translating to “Secret State Police.” EXTENDED SHOW NOTES HERE! Resources  SURFACE SKIM Featured Resource(s) Hitler’s Nest of Vipers: The Rise of the Abwehr, N. West (Frontline, 2022) Hitler's Trojan Horse: The Fall of the Abwehr, N. West (Frontline, 2023) *SpyCasts* Nazis on the Potomac – with former National Park Service Chief Historian Bob Sutton (2022) A Jewish Spy in Nazi Germany – 101-Year-Old Marthe Cohn’s Incredible True Story (2021) *Beginner Resources* July Plot, Britannica (2023) [encyclopedia entry) From War to War in Europe: 1919-1939, National WW11 Museum (2018) [Background on Interwar Period] The Treaty of Versailles, What Did the Big Three Want?, YouTube (2016) [3 min. video] German Chief Spy Admiral Canaris, P. Kross, Warfare History Network (2014) Abwehr, A. Lerner, Encyclopedia.com (n.d.) EXTENDED SHOW NOTES HERE!
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