Episode Sixty-Four - "Free market, or something?"
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Mind Grapes: It's hot, so thinking deeply is not really a priority right now. Alli has four words for you: Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries. Also a brief foray in to the film The Sapphires in a display of Australian media love. Sam talks about a new podcast that we have both been enjoying with Brent Black and Travis McElroy in Trends Like These - a discussion of issues, events, or various other things that are trending on the internet. Where Do We Put This?: Sam is in the research hot seat this week with a bit of a (wonderful, informative) lecture about net neutrality. What is it? Why has it been in the news so much in the past year? What is Canada doing right (again)? Why should librarians give a hoot? And what still needs to be examined and helped? We scratch the surface here, but we would love to hear your thoughts.
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