Guess Who Created The Index Fund? (hint: you'll probably be surprised)
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There's a chance you've heard the words "passive investing", "index funds" or "ETF (exchange-traded fund)" but the history behind these is much longer (and more interesting!) than you probably imagined. Passive investing is extremely popular with investors today but that wasn't always the case. Robin Wigglesworth joins us today to talk about the history of index funds and ETFs and the key players that paved the way. During our headline, we talk about long-term care and the exponentially rising cost of care. Nursing homes are expensive and many people would prefer to have care in their own homes. We talk through some of the options and costs associated with those. We'll also throw out the Haven Life line to Jason who wants to know what to do with a business cash account that has accumulated a large balance. Doug will also share some Vanguard-related trivia since we are talking about passive investing today. Enjoy!
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