Killer clowns, high priced feline artworks, and popcorn scented candles are the focus of the lads attention this week, with Joe bringing us back through the decades for some historical oddities and morbid curiosities, while Darren is brainstorming for a merchandising empire in the luxury interiors industry.
Published 01/25/23
Published 01/23/23
Darren & Joe have to weigh up which animal they would feel confident of beating in a foot race, and quickly come to an underwhelming conclusion. There's also ponderings on a career in a doorbell factory, and a literal million dollar question.
Published 01/23/23
The lads take a journey through the world of international espionage, from the Cold War to mysterious code breaking, and they ask about the evolutionary origins of inexplicable body parts. And Darren plans a 5am carvery.
Published 01/18/23
A listener offers the lads cold hard cash to swap accents, and Joe gets an unsolicited and very specific elocution lesson.
Published 01/16/23
Mysterious princes, promises of riches and stolen identities - the lads have tales of fighting the scammers... and one story of taking a chance of a promise of millions from a mysterious stranger. There's also a strange (and upsetting) panto visit, and Joe can't find a pair of shoes, which somehow leads him down an existential rabbit hole and into the world of rare vision disorders.
Published 01/11/23
Would you hand back a jackpot winning lotto ticket you found outside a shop? Darren and Joe ponder the moral and potential criminal implications of such a situation and find that when it comes to the kindness of strangers (including them), life is very much a lottery. And there'salso auditions for the role of humanity's ambassador upon first contact with an alien species.
Published 01/09/23
This week the lads delve into a decades-old mystery from the old Soviet Union, and ponder the many theories put forward - including aliens, cold war combat and the involvement of a yeti.
Published 01/04/23
A question about professional wrestling personas gives the lads the excuse they've been waiting for to build an entire backstory to a couple of particularly hapless superstars of the ring, and they have to weigh up which entertainment artefact most influences their daily interactions.
Published 01/02/23
For the final Stall It over the year Joe uncovers yet more gaps in Darren's cover as a real human being, while between them they get lost down a rabbithole of graveyard holograms and 10,000 rental deals. We also have an excerpt from our recording with Killian Sundermann, in which Killian enlightens us on how he's gentrifying Joe's old area, and there's a review of Killian's show stealing turn in Free Gaff.
Published 12/28/22
A listener question has the lads considering their dream exit from the stage of public life, Joe wants to go back to the fifst time cinemagoers set eyes on Oz, and Darren weighs up the implications of a life spent drinking just one particular drink.
Published 12/26/22
It's Christmas and Darren and Joe are getting in the festive mood by reliving (and in some cases re-enacting) their favourite movies, from Deck the Halls to A Christmas Carol. They also chat about presents and inventions that were discovered by odd quirks of fate.
Published 12/21/22
On this weeks bonus episode Darren and Joe see how long it would take them to count to a billion, (spoiler, they gave up fairly quickly). They also chat about how many holes there are in a straw, it all kicked off...
Published 12/19/22
Comedian Al Foran joins us this week and, between appearances of Mark Wahlberg and Michael Douglas, he aids Darren and Joe in plotting a memorabilia investment strategy and recalls a terrifying encounter with Mike Tyson. And in news that confuses everyone but Darren, he has a major breakthrough in his hunt for a bottle of the elusive Prime drink.
Published 12/14/22
We're joined by special guest Al Foran this week, who helps the lads take your questions on everything from reliving childhood in anther era, to designing obnoxiously large historical monuments in their memory.
Published 12/12/22
Darren and Joe have their faith shaken as they hear that many things they took as fact are little more than myths - from the pyramids to the origins of Santa. Joe is dreaming of a new career as a Storage Wars warrior, and it gives Darren pause for thought on if he should get into some foraging for antiques as a get rich quick scheme. And we have some rental horror stories featuring bad landlords and apartment infestations.
Published 12/07/22
After making a shocking admission about a Christmas tradition, Joe's trying desperately to backtrack on his long (long) track record of despising festive joy. And then the lads go shopping for their choice of humanity's next evolutionary step.
Published 12/05/22
The corrupting power of great wealth is on display as Joe outlines his twisted vision for the best way to spend a multi-million quid windfall, while Darren's dreams are maybe more innocent on the surface level, but not without their own sadistic edge. We also have your submissions for apocalypse surviving tactics, sent in to us after last week's episode. Results were mixed, at best.
Published 11/30/22
Questions of reincarnation in the animal world - and a choice between life in the wild and life in captivity - are at the forefront of this week's bonus episode. There's also product development done on the Stall It range of talking dolls, and some deep consideration to why Joe thinks seeing the 17A bus at 4am would be terrifying.
Published 11/28/22
A sudden cataclysmic event has ended civilisation as we know it. All modern comforts and securities are gone and it's every person for themselves. What do you do? Where do you go first? Do you join a tribe or forge ahead alone? Is your best bet to find an island or a remote mountain hideaway? Darren and Joe try to plot their survival plans in a post-apocalyptic world this week, taking them from the mountains of Munster to islands full of strange creatures, to Dunnes in Charlestown Shopping...
Published 11/23/22
This week the lads field questions on Joe's hatred of festive joy, talking dogs, trans-Atlantic visitors, and inventions with which to survive in a new and desolate world.
Published 11/21/22
There are two very different versions of z-list celebrity life on display, as Joe schmoozes at awards dinners and backstage after gigs (while offering everyone a picture), but Darren struggles through the glare of reflected fame to go and see a movie... or even get a haircut. The lads dissect the art of small talk, Darren makes a Christmas decoration expedition, and they have (inevitably, some argue) given in to temptation and recorded a novelty single.
Published 11/16/22
Quandaries on journeys through space, time and the deepest oceans are on taxing the lads as they weigh up the pros and cons of being a fish out of water visiting the distant past or far-off future, and get the choice of one (kind of, but not really) super power.
Published 11/14/22
Joe's travels among the underground Irish hip hop scene, the Summer of Love, invented (and contested) prophecies of doom and Darren's themed parties are all on the agenda, but the most important moment this week could be Darren's admission to being unaware of a major (and incredibly widespread) part of pop culture history.
Published 11/09/22
Your questions ignite a debate on the lifestyle benefits of teleportation versus time travel, a mysterious yet eerily familiar scent invading a listener's home, and Stall It's top tips for visiting Dublin.
Published 11/07/22