Published 12/06/23
Joe has been leading a life of forced cosplaying, and this week he comes clean about the situations he has found himself in, including playing the role of a Mary Poppins character on Griffith Avenue. Darren is considering a life as a scaffolder, and aiming to learn the basics of car maintenance. And there are tales from the pub career of Darren, including a hot streak of barring orders and a belly to belly confrontation.
Published 12/06/23
Darren is worried about what's he going to miss out on by not living for another 1000 years, and Joe is considering an eternity in 1990. Darren has some serious problems with the ethics of Jurassic Park, and submits to us that the T-Rex was in fact a big chicken (literally). And the lads show a great degree of sympathy towards the early-Christmas songs crowd.
Published 12/04/23
We reach the final stage of our odyssey through the world of JFK assassination conspiracies, and for our final act we explore some of the many different conspiracy theories that have arisen from the storm of confusion left in the wake of the murder of JFK. From Cuban exiles to disgruntled Mafia bosses, from war-hungry spy masters to murderous aliens - it seems there are few left above suspicion once we get through the vast array of theories, from the potentially plausible to outright...
Published 11/29/23
We move beyond the Texas School Book Depository, and explore the events and evidence that doesn't relate solely to Lee Harvey Oswald - from the Grassy Knoll, to the Magic Bullet, to The Umbrella Man and JFK's missing brain. This is where the mystery of the day really kicks in. Were there shooters behind a picket fence, was there a signal from a mysterious man standing at the curve in the road, why did the doctor who conducted the autopsy burn his notes? Who were the men seen in the railroad...
Published 11/28/23
The lads wrestle with some absolute nonsense this week, as your questions force them to consider things such as: Is a life better spent under the watchful eye of a narrator, loudly detailing your every move to the world, or a brass band following you with a bespoke playlist for your days? There are also brain busters forcing us to weigh up giant tricycles and hoverboards as a lifetime's transport. Joe, of course, comes in for some criticism - the people are against some of his recent big...
Published 11/27/23
Who was Lee Harvey Oswald? Was he the patsy he claimed to be, or part of something far more elaborate? We continue our deep dive into the world of the JFK assassination, looking into the back story of Lee Harvey Oswald and examining the evidence laid out against him, and why critics argue the official version of events doesn’t add up.
Published 11/23/23
At long last, after many (many) requests from Joe, we are at last descending down the rabbit hole that is the JFK assassination and the many (many) conspiracy theories that surround it. On the 60th anniversary of the murder of US President John F. Kennedy, we set out to understand why even today it remains the grandest of all conspiracy theories and a story that holds a seemingly infinite fascination for millions around the world. Why, after six decades, are so many people still so obsessed...
Published 11/22/23
Hopped up on tales of conspiracies - the lads wonder whether their listeners are being honest in their emails or if it's time that the identity of those sending in questions should be confirmed before their questions are answered. While awaiting the introduction of that process, they imagine the safest spot in their homes to hide a paperclip away, excluding the obvious answer 'up your bum'. Joe's never failing confidence in his own abilities, and unusual lunch combinations, also comes into...
Published 11/20/23
Joe returns to defend his good reputation against the barbs aimed at him in his absence. Darren attempts to mark the glorious comeback with a celebrity deathmatch, and Joe is ready to bring the trash talk to sell the main event. He’s confident enough to reveal his tactics once he’s in the ring – and it involves a lot of running. Darren’s been at the hospital and he wants us to know all about it, and he’s threatening to steal Joe’s kettle. Meanwhile, Joe is falling deeper into the world of...
Published 11/15/23
A listener's question has the lads delving through their personal archives for the very worst cringe inducing miscommunications, and inappropriate messages, We game out the road that would lie ahead if all chocolate was to be replaced with beef - and Joe sets Darren a mission to seek out more foods that sit on the divide between sweet and deep fried. And Stall IT has received an offer from a listener in the horse racing world, and it's one we choose to embrace.
Published 11/13/23
Joe continues his absence from the pod this week and Terence Power of the Talking Bollox podcast continues his run as Joe's stand in. It gives Darren and Terence the chance to discuss tracksuits, from those that get you barred in pubs to the world's most expensive leisure wear, and the problem with dress codes and inconvenient barring orders. The lads consider getting into the rare whiskey (and wine) investment market. Darren tries to dispel Terence's notions he's gone too high class, with...
Published 11/08/23
Joe's away for a week of filming, but Darren and Eoin weren't left without an inner city young fella as Talking Bollox's Terence Power stepped in to fill his New Balances. His presence derails them from answering important questions about things like getting a takeaway to a deserted island and Patrick Swayze's performance in the 1989 film Road House. There's also plans being made for a number of GoLoud events including but not limited to a Stall It quiz night and a 'charity' straightener...
Published 11/06/23
Joe gets into bed with the scammers and is aghast to find he may have been scammed. Darren has been out on the town and comes back feeling both worn out and philosophical, and his adventures remind Joe of a run in he once had with a noughties one-hit-wonder. Joe is celebrating a major parenting achievement, and the lads wonder about how deep some people's hobbies can go - from social media profiles for your kids, to detailed dedication to miniature action figures.
Published 11/01/23
This week we get Darren’s secrets for ensuring a quick takeaway delivery, we are witness to Joe falling victim to a toilet delivery hoax, and weigh up both a lifetime avoiding smelly fingers, and a lifetime singing Abba in toilets – plus there big questions about what the podcast might be called in an alternate universe.
Published 10/30/23
For an extra special and extra spooky Halloween and horror themed episode we welcome Peter Dunne, the writer and director of the brilliant Petrified podcast - and a man with a lifelong devotion to the artform of horror. We hear talk of visits to haunted places, contact with the dead, and discuss the best (and worst) horror themed adventures you can spend your hard earned cash on. And there's also a deep dive into a startling fear of eggs.
Published 10/25/23
The cardboard cut-out shaped hole we have dug grows only deeper, as we learn just how far the obsession runs among the Stall It listeners. Joe is put in his place regarding the Irish Quaker community (again), and asked for his take on one of history's most talked about conspiracy theories, Darren decides the life of a vampire might be the one for him, until he realises the impact it might have on his garlic mayonnaise consumption. And Joe is wondering if hosting a Stall It table quiz might...
Published 10/23/23
Joe is loving the glamour of life on a film set, and Darren has been wondering about tall tales he heard from a childhood friend. Darren recalls his career as an actor in reconstructions of crimes (an international star, no less), and that leads to him reminiscing about his time on a jury and as a key cog in the wheels of justice. This somehow leads to very interesting ideas on how to to truly practice impartial justice in the age of celebrity, when a genuinely unbiased jury is becoming...
Published 10/18/23
At long last the lads must consider the choice between platform shoes and going barefoot, ion quite specific circumstances, as listeners once again ask them the big questions. There is a decision to be made on living in infamy or anonymity, and a controversy erupts over the location of a missing cardboard cut out of Joe, with one listener feeling aggrieved by a strange turn in events.
Published 10/16/23
While Darren took centre stage at a global event, Joe found himself at the centre of a local storm. A tweet about an acting performance whipped up a tornado of controversy and rage, but Joe feels like people mostly missed his point – while Darren lived out his childhood dreams, with a GoPro attached to his head. Darren tells us about his magical trip to Manchester United, including safety briefings from UEFA on what to do if he falls over in front of 50 million people; while Joe goes back...
Published 10/11/23
Dealing with loneliness can be difficult - but not for listeners of Stall It who get expert advice from Darren and Joe on how to make new friends, including suggestions like learning the ukulele and getting a pug. Another option to meet people could be online games, which we see in action as Darren makes a new friend on the podcast after being challenged to a game of Ultimate Team by a listener. The lads consider whether they would rather bath in baked beans or make a trip to a graveyard...
Published 10/09/23
It's a week of celebrity, showbiz and glamour on Stall It, from the roar of the crowd at Vicar Street, to Darren's bow before tens of millions worldwide, and the chance of showbiz glory at a glitzy awards ceremony. We reflect on our first ever live show at Vicar Street, and discuss everything from the preparation for the show, to worrying that a musical letter to the Unabomber might have come across as "a bit culty". The lads ask if Joe's ma may have ended up being the star of the show, and...
Published 10/04/23
On the eve of our live show the lads sat down to record a quick bonus episode, but those plans of efficiency were soon dashed by a query about the sandwich credentials of hot dogs and burgers. There are also choices between paws and hooves, more acts of listener devotion, and a tip off for Joe from Down Under.
Published 10/02/23
As they prepare to take Stall It to the stage on Friday, Darren and Joe reveal what listeners can expect, before getting distracted by custom bowling balls and the rules of playing marbles. Joe longs for just a sip of the original Coca Cola recipe, the two ponder on the origins of TK Red Lemonade. Darren then reveals one of Joe's more confusing tendencies and it leads into a deep exploration of the inner workings of Joe's mind.
Published 09/27/23
The lads have been signing autographs on charge sheets and drinking full fat Coke at such a rate that they're struggling to get through the bonus episode. Your questions this week give a new perspective on one of Joe's childhood tales; and even give Joe a chance to gloat about being proven right. There is also an attempt to reignite the chicken soup debate (with pictures kindly included) and Darren's Nice Guy image is shattered by a listener. There are some interesting nicknames sent in by a...
Published 09/25/23