Ep 19: Kitchen Nightmares
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Have you ever had an idea for a world changing invention? Do you have visions of gadgets that could revolutionise daily life? The lads have inspiration for gadgets to change the world, and we hear about the inventors who made some of history's most influential products, but never made a cent. Darren tells us about the time he almost burned the house down, and there's a special (and strange) guest appearance from a regular contributor to listeners' questions.
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Joe tells us about the suspicious Lotto syndicate he's been drawn into, remembers the time he went to college by mistake, and his short-lived habit of adopting mystery Labradors. Meanwhile, Darren brings us his research into the greatest cereal toys of all time and reminisces about his award...
Published 01/26/22
Some pretty underwhelming sex education meets the American Pie trilogy at a crossroads in Joe's life, while Darren breaks the big news about his upcoming role alongside Tom hardy in an Xtra-Vision. The lads compare superstitions they live by and as the Stall It book club is founded. Joe...
Published 01/19/22
Published 01/19/22