Ep 45: Captain Dublin & The Incredible Sulk
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The lads delve into the world of River Liffey piracy, there's a tale of adventure from Darndale to New York, plus the founding of the Stall It Universe, and the genesis of its first two superheroes - Captain Dublin and the Incredible Sulk.
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Published 07/06/22
A conversation about trying on clothes in a changing room takes a sharp turn and the lads find themselves journeying into questions of being buried alive, curious coffin inventions, resurrection and funeral outfits. And Joe has an encounter with a man enjoying his final day of freedom before...
Published 07/06/22
Listeners want to know what entertainment milestone memory the lads would like to live again for the very first time; picking a food temperature to live the rest of their days by, and who would win the Irish national royal rumble.
Published 07/04/22