Bonus: Overdressed crime fighting
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Would you rather live a life forever underdressed, or in a permanent state of overdress? Would you fare better, in the long run, living permanently in pyjamas or a tuxedo? This week a listener question sends the lads on a journey anticipating a strange, but restricting lifetime where the clothes will definitely make the man.
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On this weeks special bonus episode the lads have a go at editing each other's personalities for the better, things get tense... Joe chats to Love/Hate's Nidge about the Stall It universe and how to stop the seagulls from kidnapping Trish and Warren. Darren on the other hand, wants a batman bike.
Published 08/15/22
Published 08/10/22
The lads take the show on the road to Liberty Hall for their first live episode, which is actually the IV live show, three prequels to the live shows will be made in the year 2031. Darren meets Joe's ma for the first time, Joe talks about his new shoes and special guest, Marc O'Neill chats about...
Published 08/10/22