Bonus: Toenails on the Liffey
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This weeks bonus is full of life changing questions like, Do you eat Crisps in bed and what crumbs are the worst? Joe and Darren answer their first EVER relationship dilemma and Joe gets into the science behind his fizzy drink tip.
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Joe reveals a deep and long standing vendetta against the world of TV talent shows, and explains how the roots lie in the painful rejection of his Burrito Song. And yes, he gives us a rendition. There's talk of crippling dental PTSD, and the curse of missing out of the genetic code lottery for...
Published 06/07/23
A curveball opening questions sends us down a squeamish road with tales of Joe's most disgusting moments, and Darren wants to love some very popular things but just can't get there. One listener wants to explore the lads deep preparation process for each podcast, while Joe wants to smash the...
Published 06/05/23
Published 06/05/23