Ep 68: Scratch Card World Cup
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Would Darren enjoy a life in the priesthood? Why is he so upset that Joe asks? Would Joe make it as a world champion in the world of competitive phone box fighting? Would the world be better served with A.I. running our governments? What could Joe do when he found himself trapped in a taxi with a as the driver played porn on his phone? Why is a regular BBC radio show so important to preventing all out nuclear war? Why were Joe's looks the target of the TV critics this week? In this episode we uncover the answers to many, many questions you didn't realise you needed the answers to.
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A curveball opening questions sends us down a squeamish road with tales of Joe's most disgusting moments, and Darren wants to love some very popular things but just can't get there. One listener wants to explore the lads deep preparation process for each podcast, while Joe wants to smash the...
Published 06/05/23
Darren has been to the ultimate celebrity party and stolen the show to save the day when Jedward couldn't be found - and Joe is disgusted he left early. Joe tells us about his wife living with the phenomenon of aphantasia, which makes it impossible to mentally visualise images (like Joe's...
Published 05/31/23
Published 05/31/23