Bonus: Silence of the lawns
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We wrestle with questions of great philosophical depth, and unmatched nonsensical reasoning, as the morality of injuring grass come to the fore, the pros and cons of life as a cruise ship are considered, and a Dacia Duster poses a potentially lethal question.
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A curveball opening questions sends us down a squeamish road with tales of Joe's most disgusting moments, and Darren wants to love some very popular things but just can't get there. One listener wants to explore the lads deep preparation process for each podcast, while Joe wants to smash the...
Published 06/05/23
Darren has been to the ultimate celebrity party and stolen the show to save the day when Jedward couldn't be found - and Joe is disgusted he left early. Joe tells us about his wife living with the phenomenon of aphantasia, which makes it impossible to mentally visualise images (like Joe's...
Published 05/31/23
Published 05/31/23