Ep 87: Farewell to the Hotel California
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Darren and Joe ventured outside of Dublin to see what LA has to offer. While there Darren’s childhood dream of re-enacting Little Nicky goes awry because of a chicken shortage and the true extent of Joe’s friendship with Barry Keoghan is revealed. They also get momentarily distracted by the arrival of an ice-cream van.
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Darren has been to the ultimate celebrity party and stolen the show to save the day when Jedward couldn't be found - and Joe is disgusted he left early. Joe tells us about his wife living with the phenomenon of aphantasia, which makes it impossible to mentally visualise images (like Joe's...
Published 05/31/23
This week your questions have the lads pondering if they have ever spotted a tear in the fabric of the Matrix, weighing up what a month on a donkey is really worth, and trawl their memories for the most notable nicknames they've ever come across.
Published 05/29/23
Published 05/29/23