Bonus: Darren & Joe's Excellent Adventure
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Darren and Joe struggle to decide how far into the future they would like to see and debate the likelihood of winning a dance off against Rihanna. Then, left up to their own devices, they hit the streets of LA and attempt to get the public's opinions.
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We begin in the Soviet Union at the dawn of computer game history and end up in Finglas, with Darren attempting to pet every dog in the known universe. Along the way the lads are deeply unimpressed by the record for the highest selling album of all time, feeling aggrieved Crash Bandicoot wasn't...
Published 05/24/23
Published 05/24/23
Doing the crab backwards up an escalator might initially sound easy, but as Darren's survey of multiple celebrities reveals, it can be a bit more complicated. Joe is sticking to his guns on life in Amsterdam, even in the face of a reasoned argument from a listener, and the lads debate how to sum...
Published 05/22/23