Ep 97: A Brief History of Numbers
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We begin in the Soviet Union at the dawn of computer game history and end up in Finglas, with Darren attempting to pet every dog in the known universe. Along the way the lads are deeply unimpressed by the record for the highest selling album of all time, feeling aggrieved Crash Bandicoot wasn't in more homes, shocked by just how lucrative the straight-to-video animation market was in the 90s, and slightly baffled by the amount of fish, words and dogs in the world. Besides all that, Darren revels in his new life as a foodie and Joe tells us he has received quite the brutal reality check by some daytime TV producers who feel he just isn't quite famous enough.
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As they prepare to take Stall It to the stage on Friday, Darren and Joe reveal what listeners can expect, before getting distracted by custom bowling balls and the rules of playing marbles. Joe longs for just a sip of the original Coca Cola recipe, the two ponder on the origins of TK Red...
Published 09/27/23
Published 09/25/23
The lads have been signing autographs on charge sheets and drinking full fat Coke at such a rate that they're struggling to get through the bonus episode. Your questions this week give a new perspective on one of Joe's childhood tales; and even give Joe a chance to gloat about being proven right....
Published 09/25/23