Bonus: Unbearably Ungrateful
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We get another listener tribute from the mountains, with very high production values, and we receive a disgruntled communication from across the Atlantic - as Joe's lack of gratitude does not go unnoticed. A gross ignorance of sheep is exposed, life in Siberia is compared to life in a haunted house, and Darren reveals a potentially controversial new character.
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We return to one of the strangest, sleaziest reality TV shows of modern times, as Joe updates us on how they're delving to new depths for season two. We hear of an Ireland under Darren Conway, Finance Minister, out to shape the world in his own vision. And Joe has had a bad week, from being...
Published 07/10/24
The fate of humanity rests in the hands of our two resident comedians, and to save our planet (and the lives of all aboard) they must show a potentially murderous alien invader the best possible night on the town. The answers may leave some despairing for humanity. A question on ageing provides a...
Published 07/08/24
Published 07/08/24