Ep 5: What's the story, Spandex?
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Darren is delayed and his cover story doesn't add up, but Joe keeps the ship afloat until he gets back. Then there's talk of eating frogs legs, fancy lasagne and Darren's theories about finding fifty quid in hotel Bibles. And there's some singing. Too much singing, probably.
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Published 05/25/22
The lads delve into the world of River Liffey piracy, there's a tale of adventure from Darndale to New York, plus the founding of the Stall It Universe, and the genesis of its first two superheroes - Captain Dublin and the Incredible Sulk.
Published 05/25/22
On this week's bonus episode listeners are offering bids on Darren's personal library of classic literature, Joe finds himself drawn back into questions about his preference for dreams or reality, or half reality, and Darren is eating beans after losing it all (for now at least) on crypto.
Published 05/23/22