In this week's episode, I walk you through the rawness and realness of where I'm at and what I'm moving through - which is bone deep, veritable exhaustion.  Since my mental health flare up in Ecuador, I've had a strong intuitive feeling that there is something out of alignment in my body - that there is something within me that's wanting my support and attention.  This episode talks about the steps I've recently taken towards better understanding myself and my body, as well as what I'm doing...
Published 07/16/21
This week's episode begins with an introduction to my friend Pavi's offering - 'Pulse Together': a 4 month group program centred around embodiment work, releasing overwhelm and re-connecting to your deeper intelligence.  We then dive into the tarotscopes and medicine for July, starting with the sign of Cancer and finishing with Gemini. Pavi's Instagram handle: @pulse.pavitramueller Her landing page including previous client testimonials: https://www.pulsewithpavi.com/pulseone
Published 07/05/21
In this week's episode, I discuss my experience with antidepressant medication - something which I have navigated since March 2017.  I consider and explore how in fact it can be a spiritual act to take this medicine, and how it lead me to discover what a loving decision for myself might look like.  I end with a short channelled message from the energy and spirit of antidepressants, to help provide additional clarity on a somewhat controversial topic.
Published 07/01/21
This week's episode centres around a channelled message for the collective, offering medicine and guidance for the moment.  Using The Starseed Oracle by Rebecca Campbell and Danielle Noel, I delve into the energetic shifts taking place on our planet and in the universe at this time, and pull cards as a means of support for those listening.
Published 06/25/21
This week's episode recounts the next segment of my journey in Mexico, detailing the magic that transpired for me in Holbox, as well as some of the adventures that took place on my first trip to Tulum.  Including my exploration into the medicine of wine, as well as setting boundaries in situations where I hadn't before, this time was instrumental in increasing my relationship towards romance - both with myself and others - as well as continuing to follow my heart's truth.
Published 06/18/21
This week's episode centres around the Saturn-Uranus square we have coming up, on June 14th.  Featuring Saturn in Aquarius, and Uranus in Taurus, we delve into what these planets and signs represent, what a square denotes, and finish with tarot card guidance for each of the 12 zodiac signs.
Published 06/11/21
This week's episode begins with a reflection on the full moon lunar eclipse we recently had in Sagittarius, discussing what themes may have surfaced and giving insight into what may still be working through us.  It then segues into an exploration of the inner child: first by offering an introduction into what the inner child archetype represents, and then connecting to our own inner child through a short but significant guided meditation.
Published 06/02/21
In this week's episode, I explore the upcoming Mercury retrograde - taking place between the 29th May and 22nd June.  Happening in the sign of Gemini, I discuss what this represents, what Mercury retrograde is really all about, and channel some messages for this transit using the After Tarot deck by Guilia F. Massaglia.
Published 05/24/21
This episode centres around the topic of joy - and the moments that spark this feeling in a tangible way.  From soft blankets, to tarot cards, to the smell of petrol, I reflect on what brings me joy and invite you to consider what brings *you* joy.  The episode ends with a short reflection on how these pockets of joy can impact our nervous system, and offers insight into how the nervous system regulates itself.
Published 05/16/21
This week’s episode centres around the Full Moon in Scorpio, which takes place later today. Exploring the Taurus-Scorpio axis initially, followed by a card spread denoting the medicine of the moment, this episode provides nourishment and guidance for navigating through this potent time.
Published 04/26/21
Taurus season is here, and with it the invitation to pause, slow down and integrate all that Aries season moved us through. This episode discusses the medicine of Taurus season, as well as provides you with a guided meditation to re-connect you to your body and the messages it may want to relay to you. We end with a short tarot card spread for the month ahead, exploring the energy that will be present during this time and what we are being asked to pay attention to over the coming weeks.
Published 04/19/21
In this week's episode, I share a vulnerable and personal story that took me from working with my mum at the beginning of 2020, to studying astrology with Debra Silverman's online school, quitting my job a few months later and leaving for Mexico in November. Mexico transpired out of the sexual activation and awakening I had in October, and I discuss the first 10 days of my trip there where I remembered and reclaimed my passion + sensitivity to a greater level, as well as what led me there in...
Published 04/12/21
This episode centres around a beautiful, nourishing tarot card spread for the week ahead, aimed at supporting you to slow down, re-centre and take a breath.  With replenishment and care as the focus of the week, I guide you through the five cards that came up for how we can best be nourished.  Ending with a spur-of-the-moment dive into the realm of our animal spirits, and which one/s want to support us moving forwards, this episode provides a permission slip to put your foot on the brake --...
Published 04/06/21
This episode has me exploring my own trajectory of working with tarot - and cartomancy more generally.  I offer my own story on how I got into tarot, and provide useful resources and tools for how you can get into it yourself.  A wonderfully nurturing, nourishing and grounding practice, working with the tarot (as well as other decks) has been pivotal to my own healing journey and has provided much comfort in overwhelming, triggering or difficult moments. Decks mentioned: Angel Tarot...
Published 03/29/21
For those who are highly sensitive, empaths, and tend to absorb the feelings and energies of others, this episode is for you!  Starting with a guided meditation, together we release any energy that is no longer ours to hold - sending it back to the light and to love with the help of our ancestors, spirit guides, and the support of the elements.  With the aim of restoring you back to your centre so you can return and reclaim to who you truly are energetically, the meditation also offers a...
Published 03/23/21
The Sun enters Aries this week, marking the start of the astrological new year.  Venus joins in on the fun too, entering Aries the day afterwards (Sunday), and with this energy it reminds us to tune back into ourselves, to reflect on how far we've come in the past year and to put our needs and wants at the forefront of our minds over the next month.  It is a time for taking risks, for being spontaneous, for taking action - but also a time for self-reflection and for integrating our emotions...
Published 03/15/21
Published 03/15/21
A podcast for the spiritually curious and astrologically inclined, this introduction episode sets the premise for the container we will be co-creating together. Starting with a guided meditation, we then move onto tarot spreads to add clarity around what this podcast will represent and where it will be heading.  We end with a short one-card spread for what we may need to embody and remember moving forward.
Published 03/11/21