Energetic Boundaries
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For those who are highly sensitive, empaths, and tend to absorb the feelings and energies of others, this episode is for you!  Starting with a guided meditation, together we release any energy that is no longer ours to hold - sending it back to the light and to love with the help of our ancestors, spirit guides, and the support of the elements.  With the aim of restoring you back to your centre so you can return and reclaim to who you truly are energetically, the meditation also offers a means of protection for moving forwards.  The episode ends with a card reading for the week ahead, using the Wild Unknown Archetypes deck by Kim Krans.
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Starbound returns from it's short sabbatical, and kicks off with the September tarotscopes.  Feel free to tune into your sun, moon and rising signs - and any other dominant energies that you resonate with in your chart.  Happy listening!
Published 09/06/21
In this week's episode, I walk you through the rawness and realness of where I'm at and what I'm moving through - which is bone deep, veritable exhaustion.  Since my mental health flare up in Ecuador, I've had a strong intuitive feeling that there is something out of alignment in my body - that...
Published 07/16/21
This week's episode begins with an introduction to my friend Pavi's offering - 'Pulse Together': a 4 month group program centred around embodiment work, releasing overwhelm and re-connecting to your deeper intelligence.  We then dive into the tarotscopes and medicine for July, starting with the...
Published 07/05/21