Returning to the Body: A Practice for Taurus Season
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Taurus season is here, and with it the invitation to pause, slow down and integrate all that Aries season moved us through. This episode discusses the medicine of Taurus season, as well as provides you with a guided meditation to re-connect you to your body and the messages it may want to relay to you. We end with a short tarot card spread for the month ahead, exploring the energy that will be present during this time and what we are being asked to pay attention to over the coming weeks.
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Starbound returns from it's short sabbatical, and kicks off with the September tarotscopes.  Feel free to tune into your sun, moon and rising signs - and any other dominant energies that you resonate with in your chart.  Happy listening!
Published 09/06/21
In this week's episode, I walk you through the rawness and realness of where I'm at and what I'm moving through - which is bone deep, veritable exhaustion.  Since my mental health flare up in Ecuador, I've had a strong intuitive feeling that there is something out of alignment in my body - that...
Published 07/16/21
This week's episode begins with an introduction to my friend Pavi's offering - 'Pulse Together': a 4 month group program centred around embodiment work, releasing overwhelm and re-connecting to your deeper intelligence.  We then dive into the tarotscopes and medicine for July, starting with the...
Published 07/05/21