161 - Using Intent to Get Off the MQL Hamster Wheel | DGL Expert Series with Latane Conant
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Latané Conant, CMO at 6sense, joined us for a Demand Gen Live Expert Series yesterday to talk about the dark funnel and how to use intent as a trigger for outbound as a means of getting off the MQL hamster wheel.
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This episode consists of a recording from Chris Walker's speaking engagement at the Full-Funnel Summit 2021. The theme for his talk was Measurement & Reporting. Thanks to our friends at Hatch for producing this episode. Get unlimited podcast editing at usehatch.fm.
Published 09/25/21
Chris Walker and Megan Bowen hosted last night's Demand Gen Live from Austin, TX where they're gearing up for the Refine Labs offsite. They prepped a couple topics for the episode...The first, backed by actual data, being "The Attribution Mirage - Marketing teams are being led astray and think...
Published 09/22/21
Chris Walker presented a keynote on Dark Social at this year's Traffic & Conversion Summit in San Diego, CA. We've discussed dark social on the podcast before, but as a reminder - dark social consists of the places where B2B buyers are discovering new products. Places where attribution is not...
Published 09/17/21