188 - Clarifying Thoughts on ABM | Mambu Keynote Series
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Chris presented at the Mambu Keynote Series on the topic of ABM. He was able to clarify his thoughts through sharing his experience with ABM at previous businesses, for current clients, and internally at Refine Labs. “ABM is marketing fundamentals which were around way before the technology existed.”
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Podcasting is one of our favorite forms of content because it is so versatile. Not only can you publish the long-form audio on all the major podcast platforms, but when you record it with video you can repurpose on YouTube, break it down into smaller LinkedIn video posts, and a whole lot more....
Published 12/05/21
Dave Gerhardt, Chief Brand Officer at Drift, joined Chris for another Demand Gen Expert Session, this time on the topic of "Marketing and Sales as One Team." Obviously, Marketing and Sales are quite different. But at the end of the day, their end goal should be revenue. By thinking of the two as...
Published 12/03/21
Published 12/03/21