199 - Intent Data Deep Dive | LinkedIn Live with Jake Dunlap
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“Capturing intent data is the only way to get intent.” - Marketing teams everywhere ^ It’s not true and it’s time to accept it. Chris sat down with Jake Dunlap to discuss how the industry relies on intent data that is flawed, solely for the purpose of creating a metric—even if it's sabotaging their success. In this episode, you'll learn about the three levels of intent and how to optimize your marketing to create real intent, rather than capturing assumed intent.  Thanks to our friends at Hatch for producing this episode. Get unlimited podcast editing at usehatch.fm.
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When Sydney Sloan walked into Salesloft three years ago they were optimizing for MQLs. Marketing had no efficiency. Salespeople were overwhelmed with low intent leads. Conversions were low. When Sydney took over as CMO, she wasn't interested in the vanity metrics that were being measured up until...
Published 11/24/21
Published 11/21/21
Marketers love to hate on "vanity" metrics, and rightfully so. But the problem is, they are misdiagnosing vanity metrics and using the real vanity metrics to make strategic decisions. I'm talking about MQLs, eBook downloads, website visits, blog views, etc. These may have been important KPIs back...
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