200 - How to Not Throw Away Money On LinkedIn Ads | Demand Gen Live S2 x53
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In this episode, Chris dives in on how to change your mindset on LinkedIn ads to get better returns. If you want to be successful with LinkedIn ads you need to shift your mindset. It’s time to leave 2011 marketing tactics behind and stop optimizing your paid LinkedIn ad spend for MQLs. Instead, optimize your ads to increase the reach of your organic content. Use ads to help build your organic machine so you can reach a massive audience and be top of mind when they are ready to buy, instead of when you want them to buy. We also dive into how to optimize your pipeline for high intent lead handoffs to sales and answer questions from the best B2B marketers in the game. Thanks to our friends at Hatch for producing this episode. Get unlimited podcast editing at usehatch.fm.
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Published 12/03/21
Published 12/03/21
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