Rest in Penis
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The boys riff on step twins, how hangovers can ruin everything, and the economics of feet pics. They also discuss jerkin’ and driving and come up with a wild idea for 10k patrons. Support the boys, hear the full episode AND get 4 bonus eps a month for $5 at or with Stiff Socks + on Apple Podcasts at
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The boys riff on the best places to find wholesome hoes, how MILF's be knowing, and how Michael got extremely frustrated at a cell phone salesman. They also hear from a listener who had a long road trip and decide that the T-Mobile Sidekick was the most fuckboi phone of all time. Support the pod...
Published 10/03/22
Published 09/29/22
Support the pod and get an exclusive bonus episode every Friday for $5/month at OR with Stiff Socks + on Apple Podcasts at The boys are joined by Trevor’s dad to riff on his unconventional “birds and the bees” talk, going with the...
Published 09/28/22