Trev Got DMed by WHO??
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We know stiff socks is usually wild, but this one is wild wild. The boys  riff on getting your ass ate in Huntsville, why teachers are freaks in  bed, a 4some proposition for 2fine, and a crazy DM on Trev's instagram.Get the full episode + instant access to the Patreon back catalog and exclusive merch at
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 Ayoooo the boys go fully W I L D on this one. Michael streams in from the cum kingdom he used to call his childhood home. Trev shows us pics of him as a bad biiiitch. Getting topped off on taco Tuesday. And yes of course. You guess it. Michael shows the photos of his hot mom. Bang bang. Skeet...
Published 06/16/21
 The boys try to figure out why every celebrity has a tequila company,  discuss how wild it must be to be Tiger Woods, learn about how The Torah is  super sex positive, and react to the infamous Cake Farts video. Hear the full episode + get instant access to 88 exclusive episodes in the Patreon...
Published 06/14/21
Twall and MB figure out science. They discuss how all sports should do HGH, how Betty Rumble had exquisite feet, and why getting fingered by E.T. would be sensational. Oh also NEW STIFF SOCKS MERCH DROPS JUNE 14!! Get 4 bonus episodes a month and instant access to the Patreon back catalog (80+...
Published 06/09/21