"Re-habitat For Humanity" with Bear Talbot-Damp (Charlie Mihelich)
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Stone Cold's marketing chief, Bear Talbot-Damp (Charlie Mihelich) drops by to check in on some lawsuits and failed branded products that the band has produced. Bear has a little computer trouble with disastrous consequences. They also reminisce about their first meeting on the live charity concert "Re-Habitat For Humanity", a competitor to Live Aid. Hawk tries to get Barney to marry him. Roger suggests some new nose wear. Allistair mentions his quest to find Tupac. And Barney has a new plan to get back at Elton John.  Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/stonecoldparadise)
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Published 12/23/21
In our season one finale, Irwin Durdles (Billy Merritt), Stone Cold's "Concert Santa Claus" makes a special Christmas visit to talk about his seasonal work as the big man himself. He talks about his evolution from regular roadie to stage mascot for Christmas concerts. The band also unearths some...
Published 12/23/21
Renown Silent Harpist, Anthony Testutio (Jonny Svarzbein) graces Stone Cold with his presence to talk about touring with the band as a prodigy. He reveals some disturbing information about his maternal relations and explains why the band's music is bad. Hawk gets in touch with the dead. Allistair...
Published 12/20/21