Episode 21:Self Love and Body Positivity with Linda of Plus1pod
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⁣⁣On this episode Linda and I talk about her journey to Self love and loving the body that she is in, while encouraging others to do the same. Linda spreads body positivity like its f*****g glitter!!!  On this episode we also talk about dating as a plus size woman and how it is often times fetishized and Fatphobia in our society .⁣⁣⁣Three take aways from this episode: ⁣⁣- self love isn't a goal but a mindset, there is no finish line!⁣- Loving the body you are in no matter what society dictates⁣-Dating as a plus size woman and how it can be fetishized⁣ and so much more ! ⁣ Linda is the host of @Plus1pod, a podcast about Self-Love, Body Positivity & Dating. ⁣
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