Ammu's 1st Birthday
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We return to our stories with a special dedication to Nandita as a gift for her birthday. Nandita has added life to Stories Without Pictures by lending her voice to Ammu and Mishti in Season 1. In many ways, she also lends her cheerful and animated personality to these characters.  This is a story about Ammu’s 1st birthday. It’s a special celebration with her Mumma, Papa, and Daadi. Even though Nandita is now much older, we have used recordings of her from when she was a baby, for Ammu’s voice in this story.  We hope you like listening to this story as much as we loved working on it.  Welcome to Season 2 of Stories Without Pictures.  This story is written by Nidhi Gupta. The cover art is by our seven year old friend and listener Navya Singh from Bangalore.  SFX Credits: Piano on the boat by Riddhita Chatterjee | Girl Humming.wav by CyrileneRossouw | Boat Starting Up and Driving by bone666138 | Happy Birthday to You Classical by DDmyzik.
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