Beyond the hunt for the Brink's-Mat gold
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BONUS EPISODE: Where is the missing gold? How Ian Brown got on the case and why Kent’s 'Bermuda Triangle’ changed Britain’s criminal landscape forever. Sky’s crime correspondent Martin Brunt and producer Rob Mulhern discuss the big talking points from the series. Featuring additional recordings and unheard bonus material. Hosted by Tom Macleod.
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Classified files, the fight for key evidence and family reaction. This bonus episode updates with developments in the case of Annie Börjesson since part 6 of the series. Hosted by Jayne Secker. Produced by Robert Mulhern/Jayne Secker Editing: Dave Terris Production Assistance: Chris Scott,...
Published 03/05/20
Published 03/05/20
A quick update as to where we're at as we explore what happened to 30 year-old Annie Borjesson - a Swedish woman whose body was found on Prestwick beach on Scotland's west coast in 2005. #WhathappenedtoAnnie Email:
Published 02/26/20