Elevators: Terror and Death in a 6 by 6 Foot Box.
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Elevators: they’re a modern convenience that we take for granted. But maybe we shouldn’t. This week we bring you two stories about terror and death in a 6 by 6 foot elevator car. COME HANG WITH US ON SOCIAL MEDIA! Follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Join the Facebook Group to meet your fellow weirdos!!This Week's Sponsors:Daily Harvest: Fresh organic food for any time of the day! Get $25 off your first box at DailyHarvest.com and enter Promo Code Daisy.Apostrophe: A prescription skincare company! Get $15 off your first visit at apostrophe.com/strange and use Promo Code STRANGE
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So... we still don't know what happened, you guys.  BUT 420ish years ago, a bunch of white people tried to form a colony in present-day North Carolina.  It didn't go great. The dude whose idea it was LEFT, and when he came back, everyone was gone.  We have no idea what happened to them... but it...
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How does a man disappear from a group of friends and show up dead two months later, in a river, 15 miles away he was last seen? And what if the body shows no evidence of having been in the water for more than a few days. What if this happens dozens or even hundreds of times all across the country...
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