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Published 10/08/22
This Episode we will be talking about chapter 3 of Stranger Things 4....Decided to leave it unedited... --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/talk-strangerthings/support
Published 10/02/22
"Pizza Dough Freezer" not affiliated with Netflix or the Duffers and Credit: The Duffers and Stranger Things ................ Also Welcome To Hawkins Recap Chapter 3 Will Release October 2nd --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/talk-strangerthings/support
Published 10/01/22
I know most high school dances are happening so I was like why not put this treasure up... Not affiliated with Netflix or Stranger Things  I do not own this content 
Published 09/24/22
( Gore Warning This Scene Contains Broken Bones and Blood. Watch at ur own risk what am i talking about you guys literally watched this Scene multiple times) This Scene is owned by The Duffers and Netflix not me...Spoiler Alert: Chrissy Didn't Wake Up
Published 09/17/22
My source is collider.com...edit ( Sorry forgot about episode description ) this episode I will be talking about what the Duffers said about Eddie's Return in Season 5 they said that...I'll let you listen for yourself
Published 09/15/22
Stranger Talk: Welcome To Hawkins
Published 09/10/22
Owned by Netflix and The Duffers and this is Episode 30
Published 09/10/22
Stranger Talk| Waterdeep: Dragon Heist... | Coming...At The End of Curse of Strahd
Published 09/06/22
Omg I'm in tears again...I love max ❤ 😭  Stranger Things 4, Vol 2 ,Chapter 9 The Piggyback I Do not own the rights to this it goes to the Duffer Bros
Published 09/03/22
This is a Scene from Season 3 I don't not own the rights to these scenes the owners are Netflix and The Duffers
Published 08/27/22
Welcome To Hawkins Guys in today's episode I'll be recaping all chapters of season 4 when I get to chapter 9 there will be tears from me... Also Don't mind my voice I just woke up lol
Published 08/20/22
This is the DND scene in vol 1 of ST4....Let's see some happy scenes now before we get to the sad scenes again... We are so close to our 30th Episode of Season 7...This Season Started January 1st and Its Ending at the End of December and Then Season 8 will Start January 1st, 2023
Published 08/13/22
This Scene is from Stranger Things 4 Vol 2.....The Rights Go To the Creators aka The Duffers 
Published 08/06/22
Susie Hacking For Dustin...The Eddie Guitar Scene is Coming Up Next Today at 12pm or at anytime it will be for you... I'd never do it irl sorry lol...also I'll be back this will be a sub for episode 26 until I get back sorry guys I'm going school shopping BTW my parents needed me to come
Published 08/06/22
This is the Running Up That Hill Vol 2 Scene....All Credit Goes To Stranger Things...This will be Episode 25 since I was sick the day of uploading this...You can watch this video on Spotify or any video podcast supported app or website ENJOY DUNGEON MASTERS!!!!!
Published 07/30/22
*spoiler warning to those who haven't seen vol 1 or season 4* Watch at own risk
Published 07/26/22
In this episode we talk about what happened in the 80s with DND which everything you hear isn't true the game is innocent its just a role playing game based on imagination...
Published 07/23/22
I'm gonna tell you what I'm gonna talk about on the next episode...Episodes 24 to 26 will be about Eddie Munson and DND in remembrance of our Beloved Dungeons Master...
Published 07/20/22
This is for the video podcast thing if you know how to play DND and want to be Dungeons Master ( RIP Eddie Munson ) or I could join a party I'm a 5th Edition Bard it's kinda my first time playing DND kinda but yeah
Published 07/19/22
In this episode will talk about what happened at Comic Con and The Doja Cat and Noah Schnapp Instagram Situation ( Doja Just Leave it alone what did u expect from a 17 year old ) also yes I did say 1 curse word
Published 07/14/22
*This Episode Contains Spoilers Listen at Own Risk* In this episode...I will reveal who was supposed to die before the end of episode 9 actually the duffers revealed it then I will recap the first 2 chapters of Season 4 and I'll do the other ones in the next episode
Published 07/09/22
*Spoiler Warning* pls watch season 4 episodes 8 and 9 before you listen unless ur curious
Published 07/03/22
What song will he be playing as he shreds in the upside-down... also sorry about my voice sounding so dead I was recording Curse of Strahd before this and it was 3am on a Wednesday
Published 06/30/22
Stranger Talk: Curse of Strahd |.....Ok so as you know the story of how we got here is long so there was some action You know with The Tarokka Cards and Dice and how to got here is apart of the story...
Published 06/30/22