"The Unreached People Group Next Door" by Clyde Zimmerman
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*Strength to Strength* welcomes Clyde Zimmerman to discuss practical evangelism. What would the the impact if our churches became intentional about being missionaries as part of our daily lives? Are our neighbors in North America a new “unreached people group”? Has the Anabaptist community simply accepted the lost around us as normal, and believe we need to board an airplane to be a missionary? Using tools like SALT Microfinance ( https://christianaidministries.org/program/salt-microfinance-solutions/ ) by Christian Aid Ministries, Clyde has worked among the poorest communities in the world. In the past few years, be started asking, “What about our neighbors afflicted in generational poverty at home? Can’t these same Bible principles work at home?” An interactive question-and-answer period follows.
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