Published 09/29/23
Did you ever wonder what happens to tadpoles' tails when they turn into frogs? In this 'How and Why' story from the Caribbean, Kate Corkery reveals all. Oh, and if someone called 'Trouble' ever tries to persuade you to do something...... don't listen!
Published 09/29/23
Did you know that Leopards haven't always been spotty? Once, their fur was a glossy, light brown colour - until one day, Leopard got greedy - and calamity struck. Have a listen to storyteller Wendy Shearer telling this fun 'How and Why' story from Ghana in West Africa and find out just how Leopard got his spots.
Published 09/22/23
Once upon a time, the magical phoenix bird was grey, and all the other colourful birds in the forest, ignored her. But something happened which changed all that forever. Listen to Kim telling this ancient 'How and Why' story from China and find out why the Phoenix is no longer grey and now has lots of friends.
Published 09/15/23
Two curious little mice investigate what lies beyond the fence - a place where their parents have warned them not to play. Was that a good idea? Listen to this delightful traditional tale from Cuba told by storyteller Juliana Marin and discover how learning languages can be a life saver. You might just pick up a few words of Spanish into the bargain!
Published 09/08/23
Once there was a girl who was always asking questions. So when she learned about a magical fish – the ‘Salmon of Knowledge’ which had all the answers, she set off on a quest to find the well where it lived. Was that a good idea? Listen to this beautiful Irish Myth from Kate Corkery about the origin of the River Shannon and find out.
Published 09/01/23
Did you know that when Lakes feel unloved, they can fly away? Listen to this thought-provoking story from Estonia, told by storyteller Sef Townsend. And, we add another moving little story from the Indian Jataka tales which is also about taking care of our planet. It features a brave little bird who loved her forest so much she was prepared to risk her life to save it. ‘The Humming Bird and the Forest Fire’.
Published 08/25/23
This is a beautiful 'How and Why' love story from Colombia about how the sea was created. Sounds simple? But love is rarely straightforward. There are jealous and mischievous elements blowing around in the shadows. The story is retold by talented Colombian storyteller Juliana Marin, who learned it from her storytelling teacher Jota Villaza. At times, this story is a little bit scary.
Published 08/18/23
Coyote is up to his tricks again. He doesn’t really believe in giants until he walks right into a giant’s mouth. How is he and all the other people swallowed by the giant going to escape? Have a listen to this lively, song story from North America told by Kim and find out.
Published 08/11/23
Anansi is up to his tricks again. Can he persuade his friend Tiger to dig up all his yams? Have a listen to this lively story from the Caribbean, told by Kate Corkery, and find out if Anansi gets his fancy yam supper, or if it all goes horribly wrong.
Published 08/04/23
A boy in search of a job meets a well dressed stranger in the desert. He's offering a good pay and the job sounds interesting. Should he go and work for him? Is that a good idea? Have a listen to this lively imaginative story from Mexico by Colombian storyteller Juliana Marin and find out.
Published 07/28/23
Till is a proper prankster and trickster. He even manages to trick his dad into thinking he’s a perfect angel. Till decides to try tricking some clever teachers into thinking he can teach a donkey to read. Can he get away with it? Listen to Tiernan telling this old story from Germany and all will be revealed.
Published 07/21/23
Jack is not keen to help his grandmother do the chores. He’d much rather be exploring rock pools and playing his flute. He’s not bothered by stories about the hungry giant who lurks nearby looking for tasty snacks. Jack might be brave, but is he wise? Listen to Kim telling this song story from the Caribbean to see if the giant gets his dinner.
Published 07/14/23
How brave are you? Would you tackle a giant? In this story from Germany, collected by the Brothers Grimm, the brave little tailor kills seven flies with one blow, and armed with wit, cunning and trickery, goes on to tackle a giant. Talented storyteller Jason Buck tells this fun story with humour, and with his magnificent vocal skills conjures up a marvellous giant.
Published 07/06/23
What can a little lamb do when a terrifying wolf with a mouth full of teeth wants to eat her? Why, trick him, of course...and keep her cool, and trick him again...and once again! Listen to Chris Bostock do a lively retelling of this humorous Mexican folk tale about a hungry wolf a resourceful lamb.
Published 06/30/23
In this traditional story from West Africa and the Caribbean, Anansi is up to his tricks again. It's hot, and his friend Tiger wants to go for a swim. Anansi offers to help. Is that a good idea? Listen to Tuup tell this exciting and slightly strange trickster tale to see if Anansi gets away with his tricks this time. And do join in with the song too.
Published 06/23/23
This traditional story from Mexico is a tale of victory of the smallest over the largest. But how can a little boy stop a greedy Ram from eating all the chilli peppers growing in his chilli patch? Maybe with a little help from one of his smallest friends? Listen to Kim tell this Mexican traditional tale and maybe even learn how to tell it yourself. Why don't you join in the song too!
Published 06/16/23
Lou Lou’s Grandad says that River Mumma can be found sitting on rocks and combing her long, black hair, and that sometimes she hands out treasure. But, others warn: “don't even look at her, because she can drag you down into her watery kingdom.” What happens when Lou Lou hears River Mumma singing her song? Will the little girl go missing, or come home with treasure? Listen to Kate Corkery tell this old Jamaican tale and be a little bit afraid. This story is a little bit scary.
Published 06/09/23
Do you have a magic tree where you live? In this story from Russia, a birch tree acts a bit like a fairy godmother, and transforms the life of a young girl and her mother. Listen to storyteller Chris Bostock tell this enchanting story to find out what happens.
Published 06/02/23
Every day a woman carries two pots of water from the river to her home. One is perfect, and one is cracked. The perfect pot mocks the cracked pot, but the cracked pot discovers that not being perfect, can have it's benefits too. An inspiring story, reminding us to enjoy being ourselves.
Published 05/26/23
A farmer plants some turnips and discovers one of them is so big it's impossible to pull out of the ground alone. He asks for help from family and even animals. How will he ever get that beast of a vegetable out of the ground? Lisen to storyteller Jason Buck to find out. A jolly tale about team work and cooperation.
Published 05/19/23
A thirsty crow finds a water jug full of cool water, but the neck is too narrow and too high and he can't drink out of it. What can he do? Listen to this lively version of an Aesop's fable from Greece told by Nadine Wild-Palmer to find out.
Published 05/12/23
The birds want a king, but how do they choose which bird should lead them? They decide to hold a competition. Listen to Kim tell this very old fable from Greece to find out who wins.
Published 05/05/23
In this moving story from Scotland - told by storyteller Amy Douglas, a boy has no friends in his village, except for animals. When he suddenly disappears, the animals turn to wise owl for help and a beautiful bird is called upon to come to his rescue.
Published 04/28/23
In this thoughtful Japanese story, a farmer leaves out food for some starving badgers. A simple act of kindness. Little does the farmer know that soon, he's also going to need help. But who are the wrestlers who come to protect him and where have they come from? Listen to Kim tell this quirky, shape-shifting story and find out
Published 04/21/23