Baba Yaga the Witch and Vasilisa the Beautiful
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This tale told by Kim is from Russia You have to be brave to listen to this story, because it's about a scary witch who eats children. But it does have a happy ending. If you don't like scary stories, try 'The Three Little Pigs' which we're putting up as an alternative treat. It's more fun than scary. See for privacy and opt-out information.
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The animals are all moaning about being too hot, so Suriya the Sun God decides to stop shining. Listen to Peter Chand telling this fun tale from India, and find how the birds persuade the sun to shine once again.
Published 08/12/22
Published 08/12/22
In this How and Why tale from Papua New Guinea, we hear how turtle nearly ends up as soup for a family of hungry crows. Listen to storyteller Kate Corkery and find out how turtle got its shell.
Published 08/05/22