SDS 573: Automating ML Model Deployment
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In this episode, co-founder and CEO of Linea, Dr. Doris Xin, joins Jon Krohn to discuss how automating ML model deployment delivers groundbreaking change to data science productivity, and shares what it's like being the CEO of an exciting, early-stage tech start-up. In this episode you will learn: • How Linea reduces ML model deployment down to a couple of lines of Python code [5:14] • Linea use cases [11:30] • How DAGs can 10x production workflow efficiency [22:12] • ML model graphlets and reducing wasted computation [24:14] • What future Doris envisions for autoML [35:23] • Doris’s day-to-day life as a CEO of an early-stage start-up [42:43] • What Doris looks for in the engineers and data scientists that she hires [52:21] • The future of Data Science and how to prepare best for it [53:58] Additional materials:
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