Episode 6:6 • Live at The Bell House 7/20/19 with James Bladon. Case Studies: Buffum’s, Princess Pomegranate Singles Cruise, Survival Tribal Council, Shunt McGuppin and Andrew Lloyd Webber, Wildcard, Trevor Lundergast, The Doom Room, and Leroy Jenkins.
Published 08/25/20
Episode 6:5 • With Jean Villepique, Carl Tart, Mary Sohn, and James Bladon. Case Studies: The Old Original Spitbinders, Piranha Pond, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Fullham’s Public Service Announcements.
Published 08/18/20
Episode 6:4 • With Jeff Davis, James Bladon, Maria Blasucci, Amanda Lund, Sweet Georgia Brown, and Margaux the Fat Guy. Case Studies: Campfire with Roy Cabras, Doctor Don Clarinetto, Cedar Grove Haunted Corn Maze, and Pet Swap.
Published 08/11/20
Episode 6:3 • Live at The Bell House 11/16/18 with James Bladon. Case Studies: Furniture Dick’s, Celebrity Singles, Christian Stunt Spectacular, Looks At Books, The Gorsock Murder Tour, Coach Helzevec, Trevor, Heartlines , and Revs. Parsimony and Jenkins.
Published 08/04/20
Episode 6:2 • With Jean Villepique, Carl Tart, Mary Sohn, and Amanda Lund. CASE STUDIES: Big Chunky Bubbles, Survivor, Alianca Home Reno, and Heartlines.
Published 07/28/20
Episode 6:1 • Case studies: Survival Tribal Council, Seventies Cinema Showcase, Grandmas Queen Bee and Jonesy, and Princess Pomegranate Singles Cruise.
Published 07/21/20
Our own Paul F. Tompkins has a wonderful improvised podcast with Nicole Parker. Make sure to listen and subscribe to THE NEIGHBORHOOD LISTEN, Tuesdays on Earwolf!
Published 06/24/20
Our own Mark McConville has a brand new show! Join him and his first guest, also our very own Paul F. Tompkins, for a discussion about mascots of every size, shape, and affinity. Hear the rest on StitcherPremium.com. Use promocode MASCOT for 30 days free.
Published 04/02/20
Published 04/02/20
A little something to help pass the time in quarantine. Join Alec Guinness, Peter Mayhew, and director Irvin Kershner in a playalong commentary to one of the best Star Wars films. Additional Superego Cinema episodes available at goSuperego.com/specials.
Published 03/16/20
The Superego back catalogue is now available to own, for your very own! Purchase past Superego seasons, live episodes, Superego Cinema commentaries, bonus content, and more. They’re yours to keep forever and ever. Simply visit goSuperego.com/specials.
Published 02/04/20
In honor of Superego's upcoming 6th season (out 1/8 on Stitcher Premium), we give to you another free episode of Superego Forgotten Classics as well as a sneak peak of season 6 itself. Behold, a bold interpretation of Emily Bronte's 'Wuthering Heights.'
Published 12/19/19
Fresh from behind the paywall, this re-imagined classic is improvised, editorialized, and brought to you by the culturally-unastonishing minds of Superego. Season 2 of Forgotten Classics is out now on Stitcher Premium. Use code SUPEREGO for 1 month free.
Published 11/19/19
Episode 5:6 • Live at The London Pod Festival 9/14/18 with Rob Delaney, Tawney Newsom, and Kumail Nanjiani. Case Studies: Fremont Council, Shunt, Stunt Spectacular, Antiques Roadsale, Giger, G.I. Joe, Looks At Books, New English Dict., and Leroy Jenkins.
Published 11/12/19
Published 11/12/19
Episode 5:5 • With Andy Daly and James Bladon. Case Studies: Pamela Mills, Brown Bomber Squadron, The St. Judas Memorial Hospital Surgical Staff, and The Russian Red Beluga Harpoon Class Submarine Crew.
Published 11/05/19
Published 11/05/19
Episode 5:4 • With Chris Tallman and James Bladon. Case Studies: Obi Wan Kenobi, Gorsock Murder Tours, Furniture Dick’s, and Leroy Jenkins.
Published 10/29/19
Published 10/29/19
Out now on StitcherPremium.com! Matt Gourley and Paul Rust break down the Halloween film series film by film, episode to episode. Use promocode TRUST for one month free.
Published 10/28/19
Episode 5:3 • Live at The Bell House 11/11/17 with James Bladon and Ennis Esmer. Case Studies: Leffingwell, Shunt and Giger, Antiques Roadsale, The Sorcery Stunt Spectacular, Guillermo Lee, Doom Room, Trevor, Milton and Dupree, and Jenkins and Parsimony.
Published 10/22/19
Published 10/22/19
Episode 5:2 • With Chris Tallman, Mary Holland, and Lauren Lapkus. Case Studies: Legion Of Doom, H.R. Giger, Listening To Looks At Books, and The Kratos Indiana Municipal Orchestra.
Published 10/15/19