Survivor Global | Survivor 42 Episode 12 Recap | Kiran Naidoo
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Survivor Global | Survivor 42 Episode 12 Recap | Kiran Naidoo RHAP’s Global Survivor host Shannon Guss chats to Survivor SA’s Kiran Naidoo about a standout episode of Survivor 42, including where it went wrong for the Chissy winner, effective extra votes, the intricacies of the move and much more. Follow your host @ShannonGaitz as well as @RobHasaPodcast and get in on the conversation on Twitter by using #RHAP #Survivor42! Don’t miss an episode of RHAP’s extensive Survivor 42 coverage by subscribing to the RHAP Survivor Feed. * May 18, 2022: Survivor Know-It-Alls with Rob Cesternino and Stephen Fishbach * May 19, 2022: Episode 12 Exit Interview with Rob Cesternino and the sixth place finisher + This Week In Survivor History with Jordan Kalish * May 19, 2022: Episode 12 Recap with Rob Cesternino and Adam Klein, winner of Survivor: Millennials vs Gen X * May 20, 2022: Purple Pants Podcast Survivor Edition with Brice Izyah and Wendell Holland * May 20, 2022: Survivor Global with Shannon Guss and Kiran Naidoo * May 21, 2022: Episode 12 Feedback Show with Rob Cesternino and Mike Bloom * May 21, 2022: Survivor B&B with Mike Bloom, Liana Boraas , Pooya, Jenny Autumn and Phil T. * May 21, 2022: Why ___ Lost with David Bloomberg and Jessica Lewis
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