Tom Schwartz (Tinman Elite Head Coach)
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“Being a great coach is like being a great chef. The food that Gordon Ramsay creates versus an average chef can be significantly different. His tastes better, but he probably uses 95% of the same ingredients. He uses flour, he uses spices – the same as the other trained chef. But he knows how much to put in, when to put it in and at what temperature. That’s the difference. As a coach, i’m constantly refining my skills and knowledge. I constantly hold the belief that I don’t know enough.” Tinman Elite Head Coach – Tom Schwartz – joins the Sweat Elite podcast this week. This is a long episode, but it will not disappoint. Tom has over 30 years of middle/long distance coaching experience. Tom has developed dozens of NCAA DI runners, national champions, and national record holders. Tom coaches runners from youth to masters, across every distance and platform of running from the track, road, and trail. His training philosophy can be distilled into one phrase: “Keep the ball rolling.” Consistent, tough, healthy, and smart training in order to feel your best year-round. Tom holds a Bachelors degree in Exercise Science, Master’s degree in Human Performance and is currently pursuing his PhD in Health & Human Performance. In addition, Tom holds a Master’s of Business Administration degree and has obtained the highest level of certifications in both USATF (Level 3 Endurance) and World Athletics Association (Level 5 Elite Endurance Coaching). Tom Schwartz is best followed on Instagram @tinmancoach Tinman Elite is best followed on Instagram: @tinmanelite To learn more about Tinman Elite visit: To learn more about Tom Schwartz’ new track club: Tom Schwartz’s general coaching website: (Tom is currently a free agent coach, not under any brand contract) — — — Learn more about becoming a Sweat Elite subscriber here (if your podcast player doesn’t allow links – visit Join thousands of athletes and coaches from around the world reading the 450+ articles. Subscribers now also receive free training advice from the coaches at Sweat Elite. As a Sweat Elite Subscriber, you can send in any questions you may have about training and we’d be happy to help. Subscribing to Sweat Elite is just $1/week and you can cancel anytime. Also, thank you to those who have rated the Sweat Elite podcast 5 stars! If you have enjoyed listening to our podcast, we would appreciate your rating on your preferred podcast player. –
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